I am Brielle. I live in Melbourne Australia with my husband and three children aged between 17 and 2, and our crazy cat. I love sunshine on my back, cups of tea savoured in silence, good food, listening to my children’s laughter, snuggling up to my husband, catching up with family and close friends, and getting a massage (although I don’t make these last two happen nearly enough!). I have a background as a Social Worker, however I haven’t worked in this field for many years.

I have often defined myself by the stage of motherhood I am in – teenage mum, single mum, studying mum, working mum, work at home mum, stay at home mum.

In 2015 I realised I wanted to find out who I was, aside from ‘mum’. I embarked on a bit of a self discovery journey to discover who I was as a woman, not just as a mother. Self discovery is an ongoing journey but I really do think that I am finding my ‘me’ in motherhood and I am no longer feeling lost in it.

The aim of this blog is to share my journey of finding me in motherhood, my crazy and awesome motherhood moments and probably some yummy treats along the way! I know that there are so many women who are feeling lost in motherhood and looking to find themselves again. My hope is that this blog will spark some ideas that will help you find your ‘me in motherhood.