For the last two weeks I have struggled to write. I have started a few things and then given up because I cannot concentrate. My mind has not been quiet enough for me to write.

Part of the problem is that there have been a lot of things going on in my life for the last two weeks. Part is that I need quiet space to write, not ideal when you are the mother of three, two of whom are pre-schoolers.

We had our pool filled in which meant a lot of time out of the house due to the extremely loud noise, my eldest daughters final exams, my son’s 3rd birthday, a charity walk, a whole lot of tiredness and grumpiness (not just from the children) and a several appointments this week.

I know that I am a person that needs a slow life, I need quiet, I need time at home, I need time outside, I need my early morning alone time, I need to move (gym) and I need a bit of a routine to feel grounded and productive. These last few weeks very little of these needs have been met. Life has felt messy and chaotic because of this and I need to get back on track.

To keep myself accountable I am going to write my commitment to myself here. My Essentials for the week ahead are:

  • Wake early every morning
  • Go to the gym or walk on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Meditate daily
  • Write in my gratitude journal daily
  • Go outside every day and feel my toes in the grass
  • Schedule two days where I am home all day
  • Play with my kids
  • Watch something that makes me laugh out loud
  • Prepare for the next day the prior evening
  • Ask for help with looking after my children for an afternoon so that I can write
  • Minimize my Facebook scrolling
  • Eat well and drink more water!

I am going to go grab my diary right now and write them in!

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