My 6yo went back to school this week and my 4yo starts preschool on Monday. Back to school and preschool means back to lunchboxes for me. I almost always include a sweet treat in their lunchboxes and try to make things things that I can keep in the freezer so I can just pull out and put straight in to their lunchbox in the morning.So while I was fillling my freezer with snacks I thought I would compile a list of the recipes I use constantly for snacks for my kids. All of these recipes my kids love and they all keep well in the freezer with the exeption of the banana cake… it never makes it to the freezer as we eat it too fast.

This year I have to cater for my son’s coeliac disease so it makes things slightly trickier. I am still experimenting with gluten free flours and working out which recipes he likes but most of the time when I have used the Orgran brand of gluten free flour I have good results.

Note: there are several recipes that use a thermomix but do not require one. I do not have a thermomix and just use a saucepan, food processor, grater… whichever item I need to replace the thermomix function.

Snacks my kids (and me) love are:

Lunchbox Biccies from The Road To Loving My Thermomix. These are a favourite and freeze very well. I leave out the flaxseed as my kids think it gives them a funny taste. I have also used the mixture as a base for Jam Drops (pictured above) or put chocolate chips in them. The kids do not notice the ground seeds in them if you grind them up fine enough. I don’t have a thermomix but make them very successfully in my food processor – soooo easy! I substitute the sugar with Rapadura sugar which is a less refined form of sugar.

Teeny Teddies from The Road To Loving My Thermomix. I vary the shape I cut them in. They last well in the cupboard and wonderfully in the freezer. There is a chocolate teddy recipe on the site also that is quite good. They work well with Gluten free flour also and I have made them successfully with Nutalex instead of butter however they were a little softer in texture.

Fruit Filled Bars from The Road To Loving My Thermomix. These can be filled with any kind of stewed fruit or often I make a chia jam and use that as the filling.

A delicious,easy and quick banana cake from Fat Mum Slim.

Mini Carrot Cakes also from The Road To Loving My Thermomix. I sustitute the coconut oil for butter or another light flavoured oil as we are not big fans of the coconut oil taste.

Bliss balls There are so many recipes for not free bliss balls around. I have one child that likes then and one that does not.

Pancakes Which ever your favourite recipe is. The freeze well. I often flavour them with some cinnamon and grated apple or pop some bluberries in while they are cooking. For a savory version try grated carrot.

Muffins You need to eat these on the day or freeze them once they have cooled. The recipe I tend to use is a basic one and then I add either a mashed banana, choc chips, grated apple and cinnamon, frozen blueberries or other fresh fruit that needs eating. My basic recipe is:

2 cups of SR Flour

3/4 cup of sugar (or less if you like them less sweet)

75g melted butter or the equivalent of oil

1 egg beaten

1 tspn vanilla

1 cup of  milk (I think! I am so used to making it and adding in however much it needs)

I sift the flour then add the sugar. Melt the butter then let it cool slightly so that it doesn’t cook the egg. Beat egg with a fork and combine with the milk and vanilla. Once the butter has cooled I add it and the milk/egg mixture to the dry mix and gently combine. Do not overmix or they will be tough. Bake at 200 celcius for 12 to 15 minutes. Sometimes if I have added frozen fruit or mashed banana they take around 20 minutes to bake. I don’t claim that these are the best muffins in the world but they are what my kids have eaten for years.


Gluten Free Snack ideas

Most of these recipes contain almonds so are not suitable for schools and preschools that have a no nut policy. We save these for after school or weekends.

Grain-free Banana Muffins from Mamacino. I personally don’t like the taste of coconut oil in my cakes so I replace with the equavalent of melted butter.

Plum, Vanilla and Almond Muffins from Mamacino. As above with the coconut oil. I have also replaced the plum with nectarines, peaches and strawberries and they were all delicious.

Gluten Free Apple Muffins from

The Teeny Teddy, Lunchbox Biccies, and the Mini Carrot Cake recipes above work really well made with Orgran gluten free flour. I tend to very slightly reduce the amount of flour in the carrot cakes though to keep them moist.

Enjoy another year of lunchboxes!

Brielle x

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