Happy New Year! Do you set a new year resolution, intention, or word for the year?

Each year I choose a guiding word and up to five feelings for the year, rather then a resolution. Resolutions never work for me! These words I choose describe how I want to feel and what I want to focus on for the year ahead. I use these words to guide my decisions and actions for the year.

Last year I chose Shine as my main word. I wanted to shine in my parenting, friendships, marriage, in starting my life coaching training and business, and let myself be seen more by others. To be honest, I don’t particularly feel that I lived up to it for many reasons. I talked about my core desired feelings in this post. For the most part I think I let them guide my actions and choices. This year I want to make sure I keep them written somewhere I will see them everyday to remind me of how I want to feel this year.

This year I have taken more time to really make sure that I choose words that are right for me this year, knowing that I will be having a baby in late April and how this will impact on my life.

For 2018 I have chosen my main guiding word as Aligned. I want to feel like I am living a life aligned with my values and who I am and want to be as a mother/woman/partner/friend/community member. I want to make choices that feel like me, that feel like they are aligned with the vision of what I want for myself and my family. I have also chosen connectedease and flow as my desired feelings this year. I want to feel connected to my family and friends, I want to create a life and home that feels as easy as possible, I want to accept the challenges that come my way and move through them with the least resistance I can. To do this I am working with a beautiful coach to set up some foundations in my home and business life to make this easier.

In her book The Desire Map Danielle La Porte goes in to much more detail on how to work out what your core desired feelings are and set goals which will help you to achieve these desired feelings. If you are interested in learning more about using core desired feelings in your life Danielle Le Porte is currently offering the digital download and audio download of her book for a limited time for FREE here.  You can also buy her book here*. You can also find a list of core desired feelings here and here although they are not a definitive list of all feelings… you might come up with a phrase rather then a word to describe how you want to feel this year.

How do you want to feel this year? Let me know in the comments x


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